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Brief Introduction :


Nirnaya is a PLHIV &  Drug Users led organization convened by passionate group of dynamic youth sharing a common vision to improve the socio-economic conditions of the marginalized communities, in particular people who use drugs and those living with and affected by HIV and Hepatitis C virus. The organization was legally registered in 2010 under the NGO Act at Lalitpur District Administration Office [Regd. No –3230] and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council and Ministry of Home affairs, Nepal.

NIRNAYA has been working under the following Thematic Areas:

  1. Care & Support Program for PLHIV

  2. Social Security Grant Program for CLHIV (Cash Transfer Program)

  3. Harm Reduction Program for Injecting Drug Users.

  4. Capacity Development Program on DRUG/HIV/SRHR/Mental Health for Youth/Adolescents.

  5. Rapid HIV Testing & Counseling.

  6. Drug/Alcohol Treatment & Counseling Center.

  7. Organizational Management

  8. Awareness – Community/Educational Institutions

  9. Key Population Research & Advocacy – KPRA for Hepatitis C

Our Tests

Our Mission

Nirnaya is always committed to ensure sustainable development of people who use drugs, those living with HIV and their families by delivering quality service and undertaking innovative programs and projects by linking them to relevant government, private sector and non-government organization, local and international Stakeholders.



To secure PLHIV and PUD security through progressive political, social, economic and cultural transformation.


To Create enabling environment to reach universal access to Treatment, care and support for PUD and PLHIV.

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